Does anybody know anything about songwriting competitions 2013?

Also referred to as song competitions, song contests or songwriting contests, songwriting competitions are open to all songwriters who think they have something very interesting to say and know how to make up a good, original melody to go with the lyrics. The songwriting competition 2013 calendar includes important events such as: International Songwriting Competition, USA Songwriting Competition, Billboard Songwriting Contest, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, UK Songwriting Contest, Great American Song Contest, SongDoor International Songwriting Competition, Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (taking place in Malmo-Sweden) and many others. “Get my music out there!”; this is what songwriters have in their mind when they submit their songs to songwriting contests.
It’s common to find songwriting competitions, flicking through the pages of music trade journals, surfing the net or reading a book like “Songwriters on songwriting” a real must for aspiring music makers and plenty of good tips for songwriters. International songwriting competitions represent an especially good opportunity for both famous and aspiring songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional way and to earn money as well.
In fact songwriting competition winners usually have their material sent to record labels and music publishers but also get attractive cash prizes.
It’s important to choose carefully among the hundreds of songwriting competitions available all around the world. Look only for the most serious and reliable promoters, the ones who organize songwriting competitions that guarantee to the winners recognition and international exposure to the music industry.
Songwriting competitions usually require an entry fee and are open to songwriters, composers, and lyricists from all over the world. No matter if you are not famous, to win a song contest you “only” have to show your creativity and originality in your melodies and lyrics, usually regardless of the arrangement.
The judges of the most important songwriting competitions are often famous and competent artists, a further assurance of the reliability of the music contest! pursues a goal that’s, more or less, the same as a songwriting competition in giving visibility to songwriters who subscribe to its service, just doing it in a different way.
In fact Musicforstars’ incoming proposals, that is, the songs uploaded by its users, aren’t organized “by genres”, but instead “by ideal performer” of the song itself. This is due to the fact that people in the music industry usually focus their search on a specific star’s style, more than on a vague “music genre”, and are reassured by such a restrictive and congenial search criteria.
Not to mention how useful and pertinent it is for artists, finding tailor-made music for them stored in a space dedicated to their own specific style.