Once you make up your mind to submit music to a record company, it is important to include a cover letter in your package.

The letter should contain, first and foremost, your intentions (why you decided to submit music) with the submission, a short introduction or bio of your act and the names of your songs. What is it you want? Single-song contracts? To see your songs included in movie soundtracks? Describe the reasons behind your decision to submit music, always keeping in mind that your letter should look professional. All music you submit must be copyrighted. Remember to include the date of the copyright with your material, as well as the word “copyright” or the symbol for copyright ©. It is also important to add a lyric sheet or music sheet to your package when you submit music to the record company.  It is sufficient to list the songs and lyrics as well as the copyright information.
Understandably, nowadays all music companies want well produced demos. Your material should not contain any hissing, distortion or other imperfections that distract the listener from the music itself. It makes no different whether you are a singer, a songwriter or a local band, and it does not matter if you submit music in demo CD or a flash drive: the material should be as clean as possible in order to increase the odds of having your demo reaching the ears of a record executive. Some record companies may ask you to send a self-addressed stamped envelope when you submit music, so they can get their feedback to you. Contact the company in order to find out if this is the case. Remember to include your contact information on absolutely any material or letter you send – it is a good idea to print it on your demo CD so you can still be located even should your other material get lost or misplaced.