How to sell music online

How to sell music online with


Songwriters wonder: How to sell music online, when the internet provides exposure to everybody?
Unlike all other databases, we are not organized “by genres”, but “by stars”, that is, the names of the ideal targets of a songwriter’s  proposal.
The targeted artist or whoever’s looking for material in that artist’s style has easy access to a dedicated area including songs specifically written by songwriters with that artist in mind.


When it comes to speak about original music both songwriters and industry people tend to take what is already available on the market as their point of reference, that is, a certain artist’s style.
Most songwriters are aware who could be the best performer of their songs. Likewise, people in the music industry, seeking music for the artists they deal with, focus their search on a specific star’s style, more than on a vague and generic “music genre”. Music publishers and producers, A&R managers from record companies or independent labels can evaluate songs by songwriters and copyright holders, who upload music to this site from all over the world.
Not to mention the many famous artists who claim to use the net frequently, so making use of the anonymity it offers.
A cinema section is also provided, for those composers who wish to submit film or TV soundtracks to music supervisors. is like the shop window of an expensive store with the  most selected and exclusive clientele and allows you, in a single operation, to present your songs not only to the desired artists but also to many other potential buyers, more  than you could reach in years of stressful and unproductive mailing.
To negotiate terms personally, songwriters can be contacted directly via their email address by anyone interested in using their songs. is more than an internet site, it’s an internet tool.
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